Capture the voice of your customers

Forget reports. Use our voice recognition AI to capture insights from the thousands of conversations your field reps are having with your customers on the field every month.

Field Marketing

Field Marketing is amazing. It has higher conversion rates than digital marketing, it’s a great way to build brand loyalty, and it’s the main revenue generator for many businesses. The only problem is that it is very difficult to track it, and determine ROI. With RillaVoice you can keep track of your field marketing KPIs just as well as you can track digital advertising. Further, you can now use field marketing as a way to do market research seamlessly  in real time. Think about it, right now you’re paying thousands of dollars, maybe millions, for market research and surveys on your consumers. Your brand ambassadors are already reaching thousands of real consumers, and capturing incredible insights from their natural conversations

How it works
Step 1
Business as Usual
Brand ambassadors interact with consumers  at events.
Step 2
Our AI Listens
Lav mics on brand ambassadors capture consumer insights.

Step 3

You Analyze
Insights are sent to the cloud and analyzed by marketing managers and executives.

What makes Rilla different?

You are now relying on manual reports from your brand ambassadors to track your KPIs. With voice AI, you can capture 10x more data.
Let’s face it, your brand ambassador reports are not very accurate. With our voice AI you can get an actual understanding of what happened on the field.
Just like you can track your views, clicks, and conversions in online ads, you can track conversations, engagements and sales offline with RillaVoice.
Instead of having to ask your BAs to fill out annoying post-event reports, you can now analyze all of your campaigns seamlessly without your BAs having to do anything different. They just have to keep talking to consumers.

Supercharge your analytics with RillaVoice Insights

Customer Demographics

From the sound of the voice, we can estimate a consumer’s gender, age, and other details about their demographics

Customer Experience

Sentiment analysis allows you to answer: Did consumers have a good experience with my rep? Why? Why not?

Campaign Improvement

Understand why some field marketing campaigns are working and why others are not

Brand Analytics

Understand the performance of your brand/s and analyze it’s KPIs across a multitude of channels

Conversion Improvement

Understand differences between consumers who make a sale vs consumers who don’t, so you can improve conversion rates

ROI Tracking

Just like you can get a price per click on a Facebook ad, you can get a price per interaction on your Field Marketing with Rilla

Brand Ambassador Performance

Number of conversations, number of engagements, and number of sales



Capture insights without conversations being listened.


Aggregated insights that can’t be linked to a specific individual.


Compliant with all privacy laws in the United States & Europe, including GDPR.

Do you want to 10x your field marketing?