Capture the voice of your shoppers

Forget surveys. Use our speech analytics AI to capture insights from the thousands of conversations your store associates have with your brick and mortar shoppers every day.

Brick & Mortar Retail

Brick & Mortar is not dying, it’s just undergoing a massive shift. While large legacy retailers close hundreds of locations, savvy retailers who are investing in their store experience are opening up stores all across the country.  The only way to keep up is to understand who your shoppers are, why they are coming into your stores, why they’re purchasing (or not), and most importantly, how  to give them a better experience. Voice AI is the most efficient way to understand every single one of your store visitors, whether or not they purchase anything.

How it works
Step 1
Business as Usual
Store associates interact with shoppers.
Step 2
Our AI Listens
Lav mics on store associates capture shopper insights.

Step 3

You Analyze

Insights are sent to the cloud to be analyzed by managers & execs.

What makes Rilla different?

Less than 1% of your visitors fill out  feedback surveys. With RillaVoice, you can capture insights from any  visitor who talks to your associates, a 100x increase from survey responses.
You’re only getting data from shoppers who decided to take time out of their day to fill out a survey. That’s biased data. Real conversations are not.
Smart retailers are leveraging foot traffic, geo-fencing, and computer vision technologies to better understand their physical shoppers. Voice recognition is the missing piece to the puzzle.
With RillaVoice, there’s no need to install complicated sensors or hardware, or ask shoppers to fill out annoying surveys, your associates just need to keep talking to shoppers.

Supercharge your analytics with RillaVoice Insights

Shopper Demographics

From the sound of the voice, we can estimate a shopper’s gender, age, and other details about their demographics

Store Experience

Sentiment analysis allows you to answer: Did shoppers have a good experience in my store? Why? Why not?

Visit Understanding

Understand why shoppers are visiting your stores. This affects how you market yourself, and how you sell

Brand Analytics

Distill the natural feedback your shoppers have about the brands and products you sell in your store. And then share that with your brand partners!

Conversion Improvement

Understand differences between  shoppers who purchase and those who don’t. So you can increase conversions in stores

Demand Forecast

Understand what products, fits and sizes shoppers are looking for to estimate demand & inventory accurately

Sales Associate Performance

Number of conversations, number of engagements, and number of sales



Aggregated analytics that cannot be linked to a specific individual. We do not capture personal data.


Yes. It's legal. Our technology is compliant with all privacy laws in the U.S and Europe.


We did the research. Shoppers are okay with this. 80% of them already expect this to be happening.

Do you want to be part of the speech recognition revolution?

If you need any technical support, please contact us at hello@rillavoice.com