Speech Analytics Software for Physical Retail

Forget surveys. Use our speech analytics to capture insights from the thousands of conversations your store associates have with your shoppers in your stores.

This is voice of customer like you've never seen before.



We send you clip-on microphones. Your store associates clip them on and connect them to their phone or POS device. That's it. No installation fee.



With the Rillavoice app activated, your store associates talk with customers.  Like they normally do. The app works on all smart phones.



Our speech analytics AI parses through the audio. It gives you and your team smart transcripts and CX analytics to help you improve conversions.

Physical Retail

100x Your Store Experience with Groundbreaking Voice AI

It's a difficult time for retail. The pandemic has only exacerbated retail closures and bankruptcies. But it has also shown the importance of physical commerce to the economy. Consumers don't want to stay in their house forever. They want to go out and seek great, seamless, and safe experiences.  Retailers who are innovating to improve their store experience are reopening successfully.  These are the same retailers who are investing in their analytics.

They're  collecting and analyzing shopper feedback quickly in order to keep improving. But even with all the modern technologies to track store performance (foot traffic counters, computer vision, etc.), tracking customer experience remains a difficult and costly challenge. Retailers today do not have the cash or the time to be spending on focus groups, surveys, or mystery shoppers.

Rillavoice's speech analytics software is a new groundbreaking technology that allows retailers to capture, measure and analyze real customer feedback in real time, at a fraction of the cost.

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Optimize inventory. Stop losing sales to "out of stocks".

"We ran out", "Sorry we don't carry that here". More than a third of store visits end like that.

With speech analytics: you capture requests for out of stock products, visualize missed sales and plan inventory for products your shoppers actually want.

Why use secret shoppers when your associates talk to thousands of real ones?

Secret shoppers are expensive, slow, and inaccurate, and they give you very little data on the quality of your store experience.

With speech analytics: Capture  data from real conversations real shoppers have with your associates. 1000x more data, 100x faster for a fraction of the cost.

Capture the actual voice of your customers

Unleash the power of speech analytics to optimize inventory planning, customer experience, and in-store conversions.

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